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Small Business’ Connection to Answers

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jeff Baana has an ambition. He recently left his job to start his own business. He hopes to manufacture log beds and complete other remodeling jobs.

Not surprising, he has plenty of basic questions about how to get his business off the ground. And he faces the specific challenge of being short $2,000 for supplies.

Enter BusinessConnection. This service, free to all Minnesota businesses, is intended to be a single-entry point to help businesses connect with private and public resources to solve everyday business problems, particularly those related to state and local government. This project of Grow Minnesota! was developed jointly and is co-sponsored with the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development. Grow Minnesota! is the private-sector business retention and economic development initiative of the Minnesota of Commerce, the state’s largest business advocacy organization.

The resource is available online via and at (888) MINN-BIZ.

As for Baana, we did not directly have the $2,000 he needs. But we were familiar with “The Guide to Starting a Businesses in Minnesota,” a great resource produced by the Department of Employment and Economic Development. We identified potential funding sources, then forwarded contact information for the Small Business Administration, Urban Initiative Program and other organizations.

And, of course, Baana knows we’re a resource for other everyday business problems that he encounters. We’re only a telephone call or keystroke away.

Bill Blazar
Senior Vice-President
Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
(651) 292-4658



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