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Brainerd City Council - February 1, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

During last night's Brainerd City Council meeting, City Housing Inspector Bill Kronstedt presented information on administrative citations. Other cities have used administrative citations to more effectively decrease nuisance calls, increase property values, and free up the court systems.

Typical violations addressed by administrative citations in other communities include vehicle, signs, trees, nuisance, building violations, hazardous conditions, etc. The current ordinance addresses administrative citations, but as soon as a violation is contested (e.g. the person doesn't want to clean-up their back yard) it goes into the court system causing delays and labeling citizens as criminals for what are essentially civil matters.

The Council had some questions about the details of such a system, but will ask those again once more research and writing has been completed. The City Council approved directing staff to begin drafting ordinances to implement an administrative citation method of addressing violations.

Mayor Wallin presented Robert Sherman with a Tower Award for his service on the Transportation Committee and Planning Commission.

The City Council approved recognizing multi-family housing as residential, not commercial, for the purposes of waste removal to encourage recycling.

Emily Northey, Chamber Main Street Coordinator,

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