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Pequot Lakes City Council-Dec 1, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ruth Ann Hanson attended the Pequot Lakes City Council meeting on Dec 1, 2009. The following items were discussed.

Budget/Levy Hearing At 6:30 the City Council held the Budget/Levy Presentation. When the first budget was drafted it was at 1,587,200 which was a 7.13% increase. The council asked that the budget be reduced further and the second draft came in at 1,527,690 a 3.5% increase for the 2009 budget. The council once again asked that the budget be dropped some more and the final budget presented December 1 at the Council meeting was $1,446.000, a -1.9% decrease from the 2009 budget. The proposed expenditures for 2010 are the same as 2009 expenditures.

Presentation from Birchdale Fire and Security for Recording System Joe Gibbons reported on the cost and set up it would take for the Pequot Lakes City Council meetings to be aired on public television. The approximate quote he gave for the installation and equipment would be around $6000. Council Member Ryan moved to accept offer from Birchdale and move forward with a plan to broadcast all public meetings. Council Member Nagel seconded the motion. Council Member Sjoblad was concerned about the quality of the sound. Council Member Malecha stated with the present economy she was not comfortable with spending the money on this particular item. Mayor Adams also stated with all the cuts they have made to the budget to bring it down she also was not comfortable pursuing that expense at this time. Council Member Malecha questioned if the system could be used in other areas of the building if needed. She also questioned if Council Member Ryan’s bid could actually be considered as a second bid. Council Member Ryan requested that the alternate bid he provided be considered as a second bid. Council Member Ryan stated this would come out of 2009 budget, would not affect the 2010 budget and the dollars are there with the Media Grant from Charter which was $4,052.28 and the remainder could come out of the Council Contingency fund. Motion failed 3-2. Roll call vote: Council Members Ryan and Nagel voting aye. Mayor Adams and Council Members Sjoblad and Malecha voting nay. The outcome of this vote eliminates the opprotunity of the Pequot Lakes public meetings being aired at this time.
Moved to close clerk’s office on Christmas Eve Day and that any employee working on that day shall be required to use a vacation, comp time, or a personal day.

Ruth Ann Hanson, Area Director

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Blogger Brainerd Lakes Chamber said...

From: Tom []
Sent: Wednesday, December 09, 2009 8:18 AM
To: Ruth Ann Hanson
Subject: Chamber Blog

Hi Ruth Ann,

I saw your Chamber Blog and I could not post a comment for some reason. I
would clarify two points. One is that the presentation was done by
Birchdale Fire and Security (not Marine). There was a mistake in my e-mail
to the council. And I would clarify the vote was NOT buy the equipment and
therefore NOT broadcast public meetings in Pequot Lakes. Please Re-read the
blog and see if you agree. Thanks.


Thomas J. Ryan
Brainerd International Raceway & Resort, LLC.

December 9, 2009 at 9:35 AM  
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