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Highlights of the Crosslake City Council - 11/8/10

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Highlights of the Crosslake City Council meeting of Monday, November 8:
• Heard a presentation from the community, Legion and the Chamber’s Explore Crosslake Committee in regard to new flags and poles in the city. After a five-minute recess to go to view the proposed flag and pole, the council approved the proposal as presented. Next steps are to determine locations for the flag poles and funding for the project.
• Approved the request from the U.S. Army to install flagpoles on the north and south sides of County Road 3 for the purpose of displaying over-the-road banners promoting Crosslake events. Those interested in placing an over-the-road banner must seek city approval.
• Approved the purchase of computers for the library at an estimated cost of $6,000.
• Approved a one-year contract with MN Comp Advisor at a cost of $5,000 to be shared with Crosslake Communications. MN Work Comp will work with the City to better manage workers compensation claims and to reduce insurance rates to the city.
• Approved landscape contractor/excavator licenses for Sunshine Gardens, Dingman Brothers Excavating and M&R Excavating.
• Approved a resolution pertaining to unpaid sewer charges. The resolution states: WHEREAS, the City of Crosslake City Code, Section 11.56 and 11.70 provides that each and every sewer service charge levied by and pursuant to this Chapter is hereby made a lien upon the lot or premises served, and all such charges which are on October 15th of each year past due and delinquent, shall be certified to the County Auditor as taxes or assessments on the real estate; also in this resolution is MN Statute 444.075 Subd. 3e which allows a governing body to certify unpaid sewer charges to the property owner’s taxes for collection.

Detailed minutes of the full meeting.

RuthAnn Hanson
Area Director, Brainerd Lakes Chamber



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